Abs are made in the Kitchen!

At Axis Training, we know that success in reaching your fitness goals is more that just what you do in the gym, its also what you do in the kitchen. We offer nutritional advice and guidance to all our clients at no charge.

We have also partnered up with The Simple Greek to offer an affordable meal prep service! Fresh** and local healthy meals delivered 3 days a week upon request!*

* Meals delivered between 12-1 PM Monday, Wednesday, Friday at Axis Training.

**Meals are made fresh to order and only keep for 2-3 days.

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Simple Greek Bowl-5.jpg

The Axis Bowl

Brown Rice Pilaf/Chicken gyro/green beans/lettuce/red onions

Garlic Cream Sauce (On Side)

Calories 404

Fats 11g

Carbs 43g

Proteins 29g

Simple Greek Bowl-4.jpg

The BErl BOwl

Brown Rice Pilaf / Gyro Chicken / Village Salad / Wheat Pita / Spicy Humus

Calories: 555

Fats: 33g

Carbs: 61g

Proteins: 27g

Simple Greek Bowl-2.jpg
Simple Greek Bowl-3.jpg

The TRim Bowl

White Rice/ grilled chicken/ green beans/village salad/ lemon wedge

Tzatziki Sauce (On Side)

Calories: 384

Fat: 17g

Carbs: 24g

Protein: 32 g


The Lean and Mean Bowl

Lentils(1/2 serving)/grilled chicken/green beans/potatoes

Garlic cream sauce (on side)

Calories 620

Fat 40g

Carbs 35g

Protein 32.5g

The Vegan Bowl

Brown Rice Pilaf/Lentils/Village Salad/Red Onions/Kalamata Olives/Spicy Hummus

Calories: 665

Fats: 29.5g

Carbs: 84g

Protein: 61g